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Annual Conference - Call for Proposals

Trauma-Informed Counseling in an Unequal World: Healing Through Social Justice

The MCA is excited to announce planning for our Virtual Conference on May 17, 2024!

The theme is Trauma-Informed Counseling in an Unequal World: Healing Through Social Justice

We plan to have engaging keynote and breakout sessions as well as networking opportunities.

To make this conference a success, we want your proposals for breakout sessions. Whether you are a private practitioner, school counselor, counselor educator, rehabilitation counselor, counselor-in-training, or member of any other counseling field, share your expertise to support the profession of counseling in Michigan.

Presentation Formats

The format for all presentations will be traditional with presenters speaking, showing slides, and encouraging audience participation in various ways (including breakout rooms, questions written in chat, or audience members commenting or asking questions).

Presentations may be practical, present research results, or allow for roundtable conversations. You may submit as many proposals as you wish. There is no limit to the number of presenters who may be listed on a program proposal. Details for each presentation format are as follows:

  • 60-minute practical/experiential workshop: this presentation is intended to give participants practical skills or engage audience members with an activity, technique, or intervention that is experiential in nature; participation from attendees is the central focus and learning mechanism of this workshop.
  • 60-minute educational/research session: this format follows a more traditional lecture style; although we wish to engage audience members in some capacity, the time is geared more towards the presenters sharing their knowledge and experience; the presentation portion is meant to last for 45 minutes with 15 minutes set aside at the end for questions from the attendees.
  • 60-minute roundtable discussion: this category is more casual in nature; the presenters are expected to facilitate a group discussion with somewhat structured questions and discussion points; the communication and exchange of ideas and experiences will facilitate learning objectives.

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